Donnie Darko: Explained to you?


How many times have you been watching a movie and wondering: "Did that just happen or was that only a hallucination in the character’s mind?" Increasingly more so, these days, as the lines blur. "Donnie Darko," a cult hit starring Jake Gyllenhall,returns to the Coolidge Corner Theatre where it was a midnight movie hit at the civilized time of 7:30 Monday Oct. 9 at 7 p.m. Gyllenhall’s character is Donnie who gets cryptic messages from a six-foot rabbit named Frank, who believes the apocalypse is upon us soon and urges Donnie to rattle a few feathers. Call i sci-fi-phi – the latter phi being for philosophy. And as part of the Theatre’s "Science on Screen" series, Dr. Bruce M. Cohen, Director of the Shervert Frazier Research Institute and Stanley Research Center at McLean’s, is speaking. Dr. Cohen focuses on the diagnosis and treatment bipolar disorders and psychiatric disorders late in life. Tickets: $9,50.

290 Harvard St., Brookline, 617-734-2500

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