American Hardcore (not porn)

Oct, 24-26 

It’s the opening of "American Hardcore," a documentary shot over the past three years by Paul Rachman and written by Steven Blush, based on a book Blush published five years ago. It opened Oct. 13 at the Landmark Kendall Square Cinema. It’s about the movement that ran from 1980-85. "There’s a big chunk of Boston," says Springa, singer for the band SS Decontrol, of the period footage. "And then L.A., D.C. New York and the Midwest. It really does capture the anger, the energry and immediacy of the moment; it’s not some stage show. It’s real. It’s shot from different viewpoints and angles. You feel like you’re right in the middle of it." 

 Kendall, One Kendall Square, Cambridge, 617-499-1996

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