Fantastic Film: The Brattle’s Fifth Annual Festival of Horror, Sci-Fi and More Indy Films

 Mon. Oct. 15

Last day! Say this about living in a college town: The choices you get in the arts and entertainment world are not just the ones most of America gets. This is a market that supports things that are a little off the beaten path, and that leads us to the Brattle Theatre’s fifth annual Boston Fantastic Film Festival, a five day event that closes today Monday the 15th,  which surely is that. Programmer Ned Hinkle says, "The purpose of the festival is to feature screenings of the best horror, science fiction, fantasy, action and cult films from across the country and around the world. Many of these films signal the arrival of exceptional new talent and, frequently, may not have another chance to screen in the Boston area." In the past, the BFFF gave regional premieres to over 40 films. It gave us "Saw," Terry Gilliam’s "Tideland" "Creep, "A Tale of Two Sisters" and many more. This year’s lineup has yet to be finalized but includes "Murder Party," where a lonely man finds a mysterious invite to a Halloween party on the street and what he thinks is a fun costume party turns out to be a trap set by deranged hipster artists who plan to ritually murder a stranger … like him. Also: "The Signal," a horror film from Atlanta that was a hit at Sundance and SXSW. A mysterious signal disrupts all transmissions on cell phones, TV, radio and the like gradually driving all who hear it – you guessed it – insane and murderous! Tickets should run you $9. Up today, Monday Oct.  15: "The Devil Dared Me To" (5:30), "Exiled" (7:30) and "The Vampire Lovers" (10). Check the website below for particular descriptions.

40 Brattle St., Cambridge, 617-876-6837

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