Shocktrooper in a Stupor: Malte Ludin looks to his past

Thurs. April 19

Growing up as the son of two World War II veterans – my dad was in the Pacific Theater, my mum was in London – I felt a certain amount of pride. They were part of The Greatest Generation, as Tom Brokaw later dubbed them. But what if you were German, and you grew up as the son of Nazi? What kind of scar does that leave on your psyche? That’s what happened to Malte Ludin, whose father, Hanns (in photo) gave orders that sent thousands of Jews to the gas chambers. (He was hanged in 1947.) Malte was the youngest child, and he got the hesitating cooperation to make "Two or Three Things I Know About Him." It shows pictures of Hanns in his glory days with Hitler and it shows how the kids dealt with the father’s shameful legacy. How guilty are you if you didn’t do the crime – but your father and the Fatherland did? Must you live with this all your life, or does there come a point you can let it go. At one point during the filming, Malte faces a poet who lost his entire family because of Hanns, the penultimate moment of confrontation. The film  screens Thursday April 19 at the Institue of Contemporary Art. It’s co-presented by the National Center for Jewish Film and Goethe-Institut Boston. Starts at 7 p.m. Tickets: $10.

100 Northern Ave., 617-478-3103

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