Porn With Attitude, Good Attitude

 Sat. May 5

Honesty being rather important in this line of work, we should say we’re friends of Kim Airs – and have been so long before she opened her sexuality boutique, Grand Opening! in Coolidge Corner. (We knew her when she was in academia, but that’s all we’ll say of those days.) At any rate, Airs (in photo) had a radical idea for a female-oriented sex toy shop and it had a good run. She also produced some local amateur, uh, erotica called "You Oughta Be in Pictures." Last year, Airs left for the west coast. But she’s back in town Saturday May 5 and here’s what she’s got planned for the Coolidge Corner Theatre.
"Well, you know, everyone says they don’t know what to make for the ‘You Oughta Be in Pictures show – my night of locally made, amateur adult video, so I thought I would throw together some clips of movies that are out there to show them how easy it is to do.  The SmorgasPORN show goes one step further, though… I’m going to have some funny contests happening while the show is going on – best porno soundtrack sounds (because in the old days, they recorded the soundtracks separately which is why the moans just never quite match the mouths of the performers), best scene reenactment – WITH CLOTHES ON! – and a few other things.There will be some running comments by yours truly which will give you some insights in the porno world but also be pretty damn funny because, well, I think most of porno IS!
Most of the videos I am showing are straight oriented, although there’s a little here and there of other sexualities as well.  And oh yeah, there’s lots of prizes for those brave enough to show their stuff on stage.  Legally, of course!
Tickets are ten bucks each, ya gotta be 18 years old or more, and you can get them right from the Coolidge Corner Theatre website and for more info about the show and to get tickets, just go to this website below. Shows start at midnight.

290 Harvard St., Brookline, 617-734-2500

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