Everyone’s Buddy

Thurs. July 12

Our Buddy Cianci story. We were in Providence working on a rock ‘n’ roll piece, and, returning late to our hotel parking garage, when we ran into Cianci in the lobby, headed to the elevator. (This was before Buddy was in jail, a few years ago.) We couldn’t help ourselves but engage him in conversation, especially about a New Yorker piece on him that had recently ran. It was not that unflattering, despite Cianci’s corruption conviction and general feeling that the one-time populist had become corrupted. I said I liked the piece and asked him what he thought. "Too long," he shrugged. But he was affable, and we had a good quick chinwag before we went our separate ways – me back to Boston and him eventually to the pokey. He’s out now and was back in the news after landing a (soon resciended) job at a ritzy Boston hotel. He’s working back in Providence. In "Buddy," shown on a variety of dates (see above) at the Museum of Fine Arts, Cherry Arnold  brings on former local guy James Woods to narrate the film and explains the ups, downs and turnarounds. Buddy, as you might expect, comes across as a compelling figure, like him or or not. The Phoenix’s Peter Keough calls him "the king and the court jester of his own downfall." Tickets: $8.50. Its lsat showin is Thursday July 12. Times vary. Check the website below.

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