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Sat. Aug. 11

 We have concluded that each of the 365 days of the calendar years is some special day to some organization, promoting this, that or the other thing. So, we’re not totally surprised to find Satruday August 11 is International Home Movie day, and this year is its fifth anniversary. (Yes, we lived four years in ignorance – how about you?) Harvard Film Archive is celebrating this day locally. What you do is bring your 8mm, Super-8 and 16mm films from yore to this open screening. Local film archivists Liz Coffey and Albert Steg will inspect the submitted films and advise attendees for stragegies for conserving their work. Films considered to be in suitable condition – we’re guessing this doesn’t mean your great grand-pa’s ’20s porn reels – will be projected to the general audience. The owner of the film will talk about its history with the audience. A musical soundtrack will be provided by the organizers. So, what we’re saying is: This is a crapshoot, but if you’re interested in what non-pros do when they get behind the camera and how non-actors behave – and you trust the curators not to choose bad stuff – this could provide an entertaining, edifying look into the past. It’s in room B04 of the Carpenter Center in Harvard Square. Drop your films off at 11. The screening is noon-3. Free.

25 Quincy St., Cambridge, 617-495-4700  www.hcl.harvard.edu.hfa/

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