The Horror! The Horror! (In Coolidge Corner)

Sat. Oct. 27 – Sun. Oct 28

 How much gore, how much pure evil, how much shock and horror can you handle? We’re talking cinematically, of course. In real life, the answer is: None. But on film … well, we grew up as a big fan of "Last House on the Left" and we’ve ventured into "Hostel" and screamed along with "Saw," too. Could we do this sort of thing for 12 hours straight? Lord, no. But maybe you can. The Coolidge Corner Theatre is offering you just that opportunity. Not on Halloween because Halloween falls mid-week (doncha just hate that?) but on Friday Oct. 27 starting at midnight up through noon the next day. You’ll see: "Monster Squad," "Halloween," (original), "The Thing," "The Fly," "Near Dark" and "Evil Dead 2." It’s simply called the "12 Hour Halloween Horror Marathon." Natch, the theatre is promising "many more fun surprises" as well. Admission: TBA.

290 Harvard St., Brookline, 617-734-2500

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