Boston Jewish Film Festival: Some Picks from the Exec. Director

Sun. Nov. 11 

We checked in midway through the Boston Jewish Film Festival with executive director Sara Rubin to get some picks, movies she thought a JSInk audience might dig. We used words like “edgy,” “provocative” and “witty” to get her rolling and she rang us with some recommendations. It’s nearing the end, so we’re down to these two:

 “Jellyfish” at the ICA  Sunday Nov. 11 at 1. $10. Rubin: “It’s a film in three parts, loosely connected, all about women, set in Israel. It’s beautifully photographed, dreamy, not high art, but in between that and a popular movie. It’s a very mature film for first-time directors Etgar Keret and Shira Geffen.” It won Best Film Feature at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. "What a Wonderful Place” Saturday Nov. 10 at the Arlington Capitol Theatre at 9:30, $10. Rubin: “It’s made by Eize Makom Nifla, an Israeli living in Brookline. It’s brilliant, very tough, not easy. It’s about Russian women who are going to Israel where they think they’re going to be waitresses and are forced into prostitution. It’s not a pretty Israel. It deals with real life, a slice of life may of us don’t get to know. A very powerful piece of filmmaking. It was Israel’s 2006 entry for Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards.” 866-468-7619


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