Louise Bourgeois: A Slice of her Work at (on film) the ICA

Sun. Nov. 30 

 Louise Bourgeois, at 96, is one of the most prolific artists of our time. And she’s not doLouise Bourgeois spiderne yet.  Bourgeois has pursued art for more than 60 years – through sketchings, paintings, and, primarily, sculpture. She has made objets d’art out of bronze, wood and steel, as well out of her own clothing and discarded items, some found while foraging the streets and dumpsters of New York City. She had an exhibit up last year through early March at the Institute of Contemporary Art. We interviewed her for the Where Guest Book 2007, and a portion of the interview can be found if you hit the "read more' button. Why do we resurrect her? Because the ICA is doing so Sunday Nov. 30 (at 10:30 a.m.) by screening a film directors Amei Wallach and Marion Cajori have made about Bourgois' massive body of work and personal history. It's called "Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine."


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