Taxi Driver: Morality Gone Bad on the Big Screen

Mon. March 3

"You talkin’ to me?" Maybe that’s a different generation’s "We’ll always have Paris." It was back in 1976 that we first heard Robert De Niro, as disturbed taxi driver Travis Bickle, utter that line (several times, actually), and we’ve seen "Taxi Driver" play out on the small screen more than a few times since. For us, it’s like "Rosemary’s Baby;" if we’re channel-surfing and it’s on somewhere, we’re stuck. Happily so. The Vietnam War vet and cabbie Bickle is one moral, but agitated, dude. He wants to rescue the child prostitute played by Jodie Foster; we wants to woo a Senator’s campaign manager played by Cybill Shepherd. He’s just, ultimately, not very good at these things. One thing that’s sort of amusing: When Bickle goes nutso, he’s revealed as having shaved his locks into a Mohawk. In 1976, it was truly scary and shocking – a sure sign of madness. Shortly thereafter – and we have to think in large part because – it became the signature haircut of the Oi! division of punk rockers. But that’s a digression. Paul Schrader wrote the script, Martin Scorsese directed and Bernard ("Psycho") Herrmann did the score. The Coolidge Corner Theatre puts "Taxi Driver" up on the big screen – y’know, the way movies were meant to be seen – at 7 p.m. Monday March 3. Discover it for the first time or rediscover it. Tickets: $9.75.

290 Harvard St., Brookline, 617-734-2500

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