Blue’s Clues … For You!

Sat. Dec. 30

Not to be snooty about it, but we saw Blue Man Group right as they began their engagement in Boston at the Charles Playhouse in – could it be? – 1995, with all their tubes and marshmallows and toilet paper and physical humor and psychedelic music and subliminal messages. We loved it. You want multi-media? Blue Man Group got multi-media. Now, Chris Wink, co-founder of the Blue Men, is bringing an odd assemblage of musical apparatus to a 1500-square foot space at the Children’s Museum for a hands-on experience for kids. You (or your kids) will make music with PVC pipes (like the Blue Men use on stage), a theremin, a Build-u-hum (an instrument children can add pieces to) and more. It’s called "Blue Man Group: Making Waves" and it’s all about sound and touch. And we’d guess cultivating a sense of wonder, a key component to the Blue Man Group performances. We’re guessing what they’ve loaned the museum will do that for the younger set. Of course, the younger set gets to do it themselves, to find their inner percussive souls. And doesn’t that beat plunking the kids down in front of the TV to watch "Hannah Montana," "Fairly OddParents” or "Drake and Josh?” Final day is today, Saturday, Dec. 30 and it’s open 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tickets: $9-$1 

300 Congress St., 617-426-8855

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