Brickbottom Artists Celebrate Year 20

ongoing -Feb. 10

 In 1978, we moved to Somerville from Maine, knowing nothing.  A friend in Watertown, upon hearing of our arrival in Teele Square, laughed ruefully and told us "Slumerville" stories that ended with the "densest city in the US, population wise." Look, we enjoyed our time there, even though it was pre-renewel. Now, Somerville need apologize for nothing and through Feb. 10 it has an annual open studios art event called "Brickbottom Celebrates MacDowell." (Nothing to do with "Sudden" Sam MacDowell, you old baseball nuts!) The Brickbottom Artist Association is dedicated to expanding and preserving the arts in Somerville and Boston, and this year’s open house celebration features the work of 20 MacDowell Fellows. Expect visual art, literary bits (on Sunday Jan 28 at 7 p.m.)  at the Brickbottom Gallery. The regular hours are Thurs-Sun. noon to 5. It’s free and open to all. (In the picture: a work by Karen Aqua.)

1 Fitchburg St., Somerville, 617-776-3410

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