Got MLK? Head to the MFA

Mon. Jan. 21

The Museum of Fine Arts always does something neat on Monday holidays. That is, they open the place to the public at no charge. This means you have (probably) a day off and no excuse not to exMartin Luther King, Jrpose yourself to culture. There's no football on TV. Nope, today's a day to learn, explore, grow … all that good stuff. And since it's Monday January 21, it's Martin Luther King Jr. Day, maybe a day to honor Dr. King and not go shopping, and check out the 5000 new works up at the new MFA wing. There's a "Community Arts Initiative" going on all day. Story hour is at 10:30 AM. At 11:30 Am and 2 PM, you may want to check Berklee College of Music presentation, by Larry Watson. Spoken word and music 2:30-4 PM. Hands-on artmaking all day.

465 Huntington Ave., 617-267-9300

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