Modern Art’s Big Bang at Decordova

Sun.  April 22

 New England is one of those parts of the country where we can say – most of us – that the universe emerged from a so-called "Big Bang" without worrying about God’s role in the process. (Hey, maybe He lit the match.) DeCordova Museuem has taken the idea of the Big Bang and applied it metaphorically to an art exhibit that closes today, Sunday April 22. They call it "Big Bang! A=bstract Painting for the 21st Century." The idea? A thematic group exhibition whos imagery involves computer technology, genetics, remote sensing, complexity theory and other scientific visual languagess. Now, there’s a lot of high-tech referenes involved, but each artwork is completely painted by hand by the 15 Northeast artists. What they’re trying to do is create post-postmodern paintings that transcend art and encompass everything: the mind, the universe, the sciences, imagination. A tall order? Take a look at this exhbbit with paintings as small a seven-square inches to canvases over ten feet wide. Turn on that switch that ponders the universe. (Pictured: Sarah Slavick’s "Transportation 5.") Admission: $20 (includes lunch from te Cafe.) Generally, the Museum is open 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. but call the number or check the website below for specifics.

51 Sandy Pond Rd., Lincoln, 781-259-8692

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