France: Its people and places

ongoing – May 29

We were tipped off to the work of photographer Jonathan Stark, by a pal at the local gym. These things happen. It’s not all press agents and club owners. Sometimes … Anyway, we’d have to agree Stark brings a distinct visual and emotional perspective to his work.  This is how he puts it on his website:
“My work is rooted in the emotional nature of all things and in my visceral response to both animate and inanimate objects. From the moment a scene or subject captures my attention I am involved in an intimate relationship. In composing, focusing, and ultimately exposing the film I am exploring the depths of that relationship. When the subject is in my viewfinder nothing else in the world exists. I am immersed in that person’s face or in that landscapes composition. While landscapes and city scenes do not of course interact with me, they do cry out to me. It asks me to walk a little further or climb a little higher or crawl on my knees to find a view that truly highlights its visual uniqueness. With a person, the most engaging photographs occur when that person feels the intensity of my visual/emotional attraction to them and responds with openness and trust.” 
Stark has an exhibition up at the French Library and Cultural Center called "Reves et Realities." There are photos of the Seinee, beautiful scenes and night, and, yes, some portraits like the one you see here. It’s free. The Library is open Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. -9 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Up through Tuesday May 29.

53 Marlborough St., 617-912-0400

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