Dixie Whatley: Stoned Again

Mon. Sept 3 & Tues. Sept. 4

Our old TV pal Dixie Whatley is also an artist. She was an artist before she was on "Entertainment Tonight," while she was a Boston TV entertainment reporter, and is now while she’s on Comcast. Dixie’s stone sculptures are up at L’Attitude Gallery – we know our French and this means Gallery of Attitude,  in a country we’ve learned to love even more post-"Sicko" – through Tuesday Sept. 4. In late July, Dixie was there in person for a couple of hours to sell her stones. We mean, her depictions of stones. Her stoner art. Her heart of stone. No, her stone sculptures. Now, she’s … elsewhere. But the art remains and if you’ve got $ in the low thousands, and appreciate contours and color, check it out.

Dixie emailed us recently to say: " I just got back from an overnight run to Florida to pick up a couple sculptures. I had to carry them on board , and the security officer at the airport got a kick when he asked, "whatdaya got in there, rocks?" And, of course, I said ‘Yes’. It was a first for him. 
… It’s amusing to me to dress most mornings in a tank top and overalls, hair pulled back, baseball cap. After all those years of playing dress-up on TV, my how things have changed. I have an inside studio here in Boston (air cleaner with ten foot arm, air compressor in the basement) but I work outside a lot. Understanding neighbors. Little messier than the tv world of arts and entertainment."

218 Newbury St., 617-927-4400   www.dixiestudio.com

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