Pluto: Revisited at the Museum of Science

Sat. Jan. 2 & Sun. Jan. 3 

Last call ! When someone asks you "Whatever Happened to Pluto?" do you first think "Something has happened to the Disney dog?" or do you go, "Yes, I believe it's somehow not a planet anymore. How could that be?" To be honest, both thoughts flPluto at the Museum of Science exhibitooded our head when we heard about the Museum of Science exhibit, but – clever as we are – we deduced this had to be about the planet, not the cartoon dog. We were right, and went to the opening of the exhibit in the Charles Hayden Planetarium in April. Haven't been inside a planetarium since … um … childhood. And it was fascinating, both the experience of simply leaning back and looking at the projected sky and the presentation about Pluto.

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