We Have Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself – Perhaps

Sun. Jan. 4 

Last call! John Cale sang it out back in 1973 in what was first calm and then hysterical: "Fear! Is a man's best friend!" He always sounded so convincing! Not to make us try skydiving, but enEastern Coral Snakeough to make us like vicarious thrills. That's what the Museum of Science has up now. It's an exhibit called "Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear." Now, this is not just a continuous loop of the five "Saw" movies and Charles Manson speeches. Here you look at what makes our hearts race, our knees shake, and our bodies sweat when we are scared. "Goose Bumps!" allows visitors to discover the science behind the physical and emotional responses of the life-saving emotion of fear. That's right, fear can be live saving. You're afraid, chances are you'll do something to minimize that fright unless you're just friggin' paralyzed by it. "Goose Bumps!" begins with a Fear Challenge Course where visitors face four common fears (animals, electric shock, loud noises, falling) in what the MoS people promise is "a fun and safe environment." Another exhibit highlight is the Fear Lab. Here you explore the brain’s structures and pathways that drive fear response. Visitors will meet Mr. Goose Bumps – okay, this part seems a little hokey – a larger-than-life figure that illustrates, through animation, how the brain and body work together in response to danger. Now, a part that gets a little "CSI-y": Real brains and brain slices preserved through the process of plastination will be on display showing similarities between key brain fear structures in humans and animals

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