Domingo Barreres: A Three-Day “Retrospectacular”

 Sun. May 31

 You get turned on to art in the oddest ways sometimes. I knew Domingo-Martin Barreres, back in the days when he worked at the Channel as a barback and have run into him behind the bar at many a fine joint, over the years, most recently at the House of Blues Foundation RDomingo Barreres artoom and Banq. We've been friends forever. Somewhere along the way I learned that Domingo's dad, also named Domingo Barreres, is an artist of some note. He's been painting since 1968, had numerous exhibitions and is on the faculty at the School of Museum of Fine Arts. He's got an exhibition up this weekend at 132 Brookline St. (just outside Fenway Park) in Boston, Friday through Sunday, with work that spans decades. (The gallery is open noon – 3 on Sunday.) The prices range from $250-$3000. Barreres is calling this a "Retrospectacular." What kind of art might you be seeing?

Here we're going to defer to the folks at the White Box Gallery in New York, which had an exhibition of the Spanish-born Barreres' work a few years back.

Barreres "paintings are inspired by the 1656 Velazquez Las Meninas, Hieronymous Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights combined with a rich layering of other more personal and politically charged concerns and imagery. Barreres' Las Meninas series explore themes the artist has described as "obsessive ambition, beauty as mask for hidden agendas, or how anachronistic notions of identity may jeopardize such human traits as curiosity, imagination, carnal appetite, and love through sexual expression-even rationality itself".

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