Harry Potter: All the Artifacts …Almost at Your Touch at the Museum of Science

 Sun Feb. 21

Last call! My experience in Harry Potter land is, I must confess, limited. I saw the first movie, I've read no books. Figured it was for kids a long time ago. Wrong. It became a cross-generational mega-success. Not having taken the dive I Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Sciencecan pretend no deep knowledge. But curiosity … yes. And with the "Harry Potter" exhibit up at the Museum of Science through Feb. 21, I wanted to go and see if there was magic there. Well, it was rather delightful, after you get over the crowds, and there sure are a lot of Potter artifacts – many replicas on sale on the gift shop. (Yes, I wondered how Harry Potter – being about magic and all – tied in with science, but that's a topic for another day.) At any rate, I wanted to go with someone who was a Potter fanatic, and Dana Tambeau, 28, fit that bill. She'd read every book, saw every movie (to date), and helped me negogiate the tricky terrain of this house and that house and who was good and who was bad. All of the stuff. And she filed this report …

I stumbled onto Harry Potter by accident. I hadn’t paid any attention to the whole Harry Potter craze at first thinking it was just some stupid fad for kids to enjoy and parents to loathe. Then one year for Christmas my father bought the first four books for my younger brother. I was home for Christmas break and had nothing to do so I picked up book one and that was it for me. It was such a fun and cute tale I couldn’t help picking up the next one and then the next one. Within a week I had read the first four books of the series. I couldn’t wait for the fifth one to come out. Sadly for me I had to wait for about a year. Since then I eagerly awaited each new book of the series and actually felt a small sense of loss when I read the final one. Happily I still have two more movies to see, so my Harry Potter experience isn’t quite over yet. If you haven’t read the books or seen the movies give it a shot. Sure there is plenty of teenage angst and sometimes silly magic experiences but it’s more than that. It’s a story of bravery, loyalty and above all love. What could be better than that?

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