Follow those Snakes! Raise money for little readers

Thurs. Nov. 30

It’s one week after Thanksgiving. Do you think you can follow a string of colorfully dressed musicians – that would be the Mardi Gras-styled Revolutionary Snake Ensemble – as they take you from The Hyatt Regency (One Avenue de Lafayette) to Long’s Jewelers (at 100 Summer St.) for dessert, champagne and jewelry shopping with even more music provided by the a cappella group, The Jackson Jills. Wait, we’re ahead of ourselves. You will have just had a sumptuous dinner at the Hyatt (music supplied by the Ken Clark Organ Trio, seating at 6:30). Why would you do all this? To raise money for "Raising a Reader," a branch of the high-profile charitable organization, the Greenlight Fund. It’s called "An Emerald Evening" (20 % of any money spent on jewels go to "Raising a Reader," an early literarcy, reading readiness program launched in Chelesa this past spring. A hundred percent of your $300 ticket also goes there.)

Hyatt, One Avenue de Lafayette, Long’s, 100 Summer St., 617-252- 3235

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