All Baseball All the Time: This is Boston

Sat. Jan. 6

The Hot Stove/Cool Music event Boston held at the Paradise every year is truly a genius idea. The city is mad for baseball and music and this brings the two together. And the bucks go to the Red Sox favorite charity, the Jimmy Fund. (Also, now, to Theo Epstein’s "Foundation to be Named Later.") They’ve raised over $1 million. The absolute coolest time was in 2005 when people posed (for charity) with the World Series trophy. (At that time, we didn’t know the trophy would travel New England and every single person would have their picture taken with it, slightly diminishing the cachet value.) This year there are two Hot Stove/Cool Music events events on the nights of Jan. 6 and 7, with different lineups and price tags ($20 for the first night and $40 for the second.) The wrinkle this year is a Hot Stove Roundtable discussion at 1 p.m. Saturday at the ‘dise. Gammons, healthy again, is our guru and he’ll be joined by J.P. Ricciardi and Terry Francona. You’ll pay $100 and get a buffet lunch and get to ask questions of those in the know. This is manna from heaven for Sox fans. Tickets available only through the website below.

967 Commonwealth Ave., 617-562-8804

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