Azure Blues: Vodka, food, blues, charity

Wed. Jan. 31

We’ve spent some time at Azure’s special event/benefit nights and have found them quite soothing and stimulating … some of that due no doubt to the vodka being featured by the co-promoting vodka company. On Wednesday January 31, Reyka Vodka steps forward and serve as the intoxicant in your signature cocktail at the "Azure Blue Party." (Azure is a shade of blue, right?) These cocktails will be served from 6 to 10 p.m., along with "blues inspired" food from Chef Robert Fathman. What would be a blues night without a blues band? Not totally blue, that’s for sure. So the band Stretch provides that end of the deal. It’s $50 and 100 percent of the proceeds benefit Community Servings, which delivers meals to the critically ill. Yes, folks, another opportunity to dress up, go out, drink up, dance a bit and feel good about yourself – in a humanitarian way – for what you’re doing. This is also why people go on all those extensive walks/runs to find cures for this or that. Being who we are, we’d rather feel good about ourselves in a swanky bar than sweating up the Esplanade with thousands of others, but that’s just us.

710 Boylston St., 617-445-7777

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