Not Peruvian rock, but Peruvian funk! And soul!

Tues. March 6

Our favorite DJ of our generation, Brother Cleve, knows about music you don’t have a clue about. Don’t feel bad. Cleve spends his life digging up rare cool stuff throughout the world. All you have to do is sit back – or get up offa your thang – and let him spin the discs as you groove to the tunes. Tuesday March 6, Cleve sets up his turntables at the Alchemist Lounge and spins 1970s Peruvian funk and soul. We do not know what this sounds like, but in Cleve we trust. It starts at 7:30 p.m. and bartenders John Byrd and Nicole Poirier will mix up Pisco (a clear, grape-based spirit or unaged brandy from Peru and Chile) in various cocktail combos: Pisco Sour, Pisco Punch etc. Again, we do not know what these taste like but … Chef Greg Collins serves up Peruvian-and-Chile-styled snacks. There’s no cover; cocktails will run you a very affordable $8 each.

435 S. Huntington Ave., Jamaica Plain, 617-477-5741

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