Feasting on Flesh: Another Horrorshow from Mr. Cannibal

Sat.  Oct. 3

A genial fellow who goes by the name of J. Cannibal stages these things called "Feast of Flesh" every so often. We're not kidding about the genial part. He's a superb host, a mFeast of Flesh, Night of the Living Deadember of the Black Cat Burlesque – which will mix sex and horror – at his 9th Feast of Flesh tonight Saturday Oct. 3 at midnight at the Coolidge Corner Theatre.  Walter Sickert and His Army of Broken Toys are your debached musical entertainment. Cinematically, what Cannibal offers this year: A screening of the cult film "Return of the Living Dad," (Zombies! Never out of fashion!) You want to win prizes? Well, dress up as your favorite zombie and compete for the various and sundry things Cannibal and his pals have collected for this special night. We've been to one of these and it's all in good fun, a little like a more outre version of what Spooky Worlld once was.  And we must say the non-George Romero "Return of …" , which was released in 1985, is one of sexiest Zombie movies out there. Tickets: $10.


290 Harvard St., Brookline, 617-734-2500 www.coolidge.org

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