A Beary Good Time

Sun. April 22

No, this is not generally a family-friendly, touchie-feelie, all-inclusive guide. We’re generally a little more cutting edge than we are at this very moment. At this very moment, we’re telling you about Turner Fisheries Build-A-Bear Workshop Breakfast. First thing you must know, it’s a stuffed bear. No real bears on premises. Second: We saw this process done at a London toy shoppe a few years ago, and it was truly moving watching the kids get involved in the building and naming process, making the bond between stuffed bear and child maybe just a little more "real" than the toy shelf-bought bear and child. What you do, if you’re an adult is pay $35 ( and $15 for a child, but free under 12) and come to Turner’s for the Bearemy Build-a-Bear Workshop. Bearamy’s mascot will be there for hugs as the kids beaver – uh, bear – away at their projects. There will be a breakfast buffet. From 9 to 11 a.m., Sunday April 22.

10 Huntington St., 617-424-7425 turnersboston.com

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