The Other Hilton, Perez Hilton

Wed. May 23

 Did you know Ike Turner was busted for coke – again? Perez Hilton did and was one of the first to post on, a celebrity sleaze sheet/site so hip and tawdry it was name-checked on "Dirt," the hip and tawdry F/X TV show about a tabloid mag. (Just last night, Perez had the audio from a distress call placed by the wife of the former lead singer for Creed. He had guns, he threw a glass at her, there was a child in the house … ) If you’ve ever wanted to check out the raunchy photos of fallen, addled celebs, that’s where you go. Perez Hilton – perhaps not his real name – likes diving into the celeb muck and having fun. Does this make him different from "Access Hollywood" or any of the network TV shows? Well, Perez – who we’re sure is having a field day with Paris Hilton facing the slammer – is not ready to play nice. He calls himself the "Queen of All Media," which makes us immediately think of the David Bowie song "Queen Bitch." Hilton writes text and scrawls comments over paparazzi photos. Like Lindsay Lohan and her new English boyfriend are: "Coke ‘n’ Bloke." Nasty, clever, fiendish bugger. Well, Perez is bringing his fabulous self to Boston Wednesday May 23 for a stop at Mansion and Suite – the two new adjoining clubs in Boylston Alley run by the Kane brothers (Ed and Joe) and Patrick Lyons. What will he do? Dish. He’ll take a mic and speak to the masses, but also mingle and mix. Not only do they have Hilton in the house, they’ve got hip UK rapper Lady Sovereign. Things start around 9 and – here’s the cool thing – it’s free to get in. But what you must do is RSVP to

One Boylston Place, 617-351-7000


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