Cheers and Bull: Another Party (at the original joint)

Sun. Sept. 30

Don’t think the original Cheers pub – the Bull & Finch – isn’t getting in on the 25th anniversary of the most famous TV show set in Boston. They’re doing "Cheers" stuff at the "Cheers" pub down in Faneuil Hall, but they’re capping it with a special event at the Bull & Finch and at Fanueil. (Actually, Bull & Finch and the Faneuil Hall "Cheers" are both owned by Tom Kershaw; see previous item on the weeklong deal.) On Sunday Sept. 30, the Bull & Finch will hae a look-a-like contest, a theme song karaoke competition and trivia game. Also caricature sketches, raffles, some variety of local entertainment. It’s $25 to get in with a portion of the proceeds going to Cheers for Children, an organization that has raised over $1 million for children’s charities in Boston. It’s from 5-9 p.m.

84 Beacon St., 617-227-9600

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