Going Green at The Foundation

Wed. June 20

We confess. Most every time we stop by the Foundation it’s for a cool, relaxing martini or two. (It’s a great pre-Sox meeting place if you want to avoid the beerhounds and bleacher mugs. We’re not being elitist. It’s just sometimes you don’t want your beer served from a barrel in the Uno lobby.) But Summer Rayne Oakes (in photo) is giving us another reason to go to the Foundation Wednesday June 20 from 6-9 p.m. No, not to ogle. She is the "Eco-Model of the Year" (according to Grist mag) and was profiled in Vanity Fair’s "Green" issue. Yes, we have trouble with the commodifying of enviro-friendly products and services, but we have that trouble with basic capitalism too. So, we’ll give Oakes a break when she shows up to talk about her experience as an advocate within the fashion industry, pushing for brand strategies rooted in environmental and social concerns. (She heads up SRO, a consulting cmpany and is also an environmental scientist by training.) The Foundation event is put on by SustainLaine.com and Netimpact.org. It’s free to get in but you must pre-register at netimpact.org to get in – the fee includes one drink and appetizers. So, we’re guessing it’s around $20 to get in. Does this not beat babble with the bloke on the next barstool?

500 Commonwealth Ave., 617-859-9900 hotelcommonwealth.com

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