Celebrating Harry with the Potters

Fri. July 20

More Potter. Harvard Square is another option for the Potter-mad among you. Especially, the musically Potter mad. (Or the politically Potter-mad. More on this at the end.) You’re the type who thinks nothing makes more sense than anticipating the midnight sale of the final Pot-book by J.K. Rowling than to go see the Boston-based band, Harry and the Potters. They’re a real band, and not a bad one at that. And, yes, they’re mad about Harry, too. They formed in 2002 and the two brothers Joe and Paul DeGeorge play Harry Year 4 (Joe) and Harry Year 7 (Paul). Wikipedia lists the genres they play as "indie rock" and "wizard rock." (Does this remind any old folks of Uriah Heep?) They’ll be playing with Draco, the Malfays and others from 7-10 p.m. in Harvard Square to warm you up for the real events. The Harvard Coop is at least one of the stores in the vicinity that will be happy to accomodate your literary needs at the witching hour. Now, there’s an added hook to this event, one that involves Amnesty Internation, Darfur and the like. Andrew Slack has an a worldwide organization, HP Alliance, that links the fictional Potter’s activism to something we all can do here and now. "Quicky, yes," says Slack. But he says the web has helped create this community for the most anticipated book ever. And it just so happens that Harry Potter is an activist himself, battling evil-doers in a mythical land. Slack – who was awakened to African genocide while in Hebrew class while studying the Holocaust and then watching "Hotel Rwanda" – is asking readers/fans to make the leap. He’s serious about that "never again meaning never again" line. Slack will be speaking at the Harvard event. (The poster you see here is conjured up the HP Alliance people.) The Alliance board members also play in the aforementioned bands and Slack is part of a comedy troupe, The Late Night Players, who have a YouTube hit, "Harry Potter and the Dark Lord Waldemart." See, Slack and his folks would like you to purchase your Potter at indy book stores. You can check in at www.thehpalliance.org to get more info on how to join Internet podcast/real life house parties on this special night.

Harvard Square, Cambridge www.harvardsquare.com

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