It’s the World Series! And We Care!

Wed. Oct. 24

Again – against all odds – it’s a night with the Red Sox at the old ballyard – America’s "most beloved" according to the Sox signage on the big screen – and tonight you’ll have found a way into Fenway, or you will park yourself at a big screen/hi-def TV nearby, be it in a bar or your living room Wedensday Oct. 24 at 8 p.m. We can’t say anything that would suggest you not do these things. The Red Sox are not life and death – and our old pal Bob Ryan at the Globe articulated the players vs. fans perspective very smartly last week (we have the same goals for very different reasons) – but they matter in some weird way more than most anything else, so it’ll be our primary pursuit during the clash with the Rockies. Snow in Colorado? Balmy Indian (ha-ha!) summer in Boston? Hottest team over the past month and a half vs. hottest team at momemt? Do we really have to learn all the names of the Rockies now? (Yes, we do.) Does it count as a World Series if we’re playing an expansion team? (Yes, it does. So were the Angels … Heck, in our world, so is any team post one division-two league play back in the last century.) So, stake out your spot, root Beckett and the boys on to glory – willing them (not that half of them are the same players, mind you) on to their second World Championship in four years. A feat unthought of back, say, in 2003. Enjoy the ride. Josh Beckett (in photo) is your starter.

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