New England in Winter: A Mess. New England Spring Flower Show: An Oasis

Sun. March 16

 Last year, a killer snowstorm kept many wannabes away from the New England Spring Flower Show opening night party March 8. This year, a rainstorm could not accomplish the task – at least for us. Dammit! Mother Nature’s not going to make us shut-ins this time! And, once we made it inside the  ah, green bliss. A lot of wonderful flower arrangements – 192, including some marvelous centerpiece works both futuristic and Rococo by chapters of the Garden Clubs of Massachusetts – and 38 gardens, each a little world unto itself. The theme for this 137th show was “Rhapsody in Green,” appropriate enough since a) green is in vogue everywhere, but b) really, in a flower show, where better a place to demonstrate how beauty and conservation can co-exist.
We ran into Mayor Thomas Menino right away. “No matter what the calendar tells us,” he told us, “when the Flower Show opens in it Spring in Boston. This year, it’s more interactive, bigger and better.”  The previous day, the Mayor outlined a plan for another greenway in the city, this one along the banks of the River Charles, a 100-foot wide greenway over part of Storrow Drive. At a simple, but effective, exhibit at the flower show called “City of Boston: Green Practices” there was a model patch of greenery, complete with spiffy looking recycling bins. A tag read Boston has been named one of the “top ten greenest cities” in America by two major publications. (“Car and Driver? Soldier of Fortune? We’re kidding.) The organizers say the exhibitors in general will prove “eco-friendly gardening does not necessarily mean sacrificing color, plant diversity or the sensuality of the gardening.”
The show, which closes after today, Sunday March 16, has all sorts of stuff like symposiums of rain re-use, green roofs, recycling and xeriscaping – low water gardens. There will be lectures and demonstrations throughout the week.

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