Cambridge? Tasting Good on the 17th of July


Last year, the wonderful community-food-drink-socializing event, The Taste of Cambridge, took three dates the actually happen. Two rain days and postponements and then finally … fun fun fun! This year,  The Taste of Cambridge event in Central Square, was hoping for better luck on this Tuesday’s event. But with the forecast calls for a 60% chance of precip and there are thunderstorm warnings, they’ve decided to move it back two days to Thursday July 17. The event – on Sidney Street, the Lansdowne Quad and University Park Whadya get? Over 100 restaurants from Cambridge – the blue room, Café Kofofo, Cambridge Common, Four Burgers, Harvest, Henrietta’s Table, Sandrine’s Bistro, the Middle East, Otto’s Pizza, Savenors, many more – offer up their wares to hundreds of hungry, thirsty foodies (or just people who like food).  We were there last year and intend to return. It’s the biggest, coolest buffet in the world, and like all buffets, you wonder if I eat this will I have room for that? Or, what’s around the corner? Is it dessert time yet? We can provide no answers. We’re floaters , too. What we can tell you is that you can buy GA tickets for $50 ($60 at door) or VIP tix for $75.  The GA gets you four glasses or wine or beer. VIP tent gets you four bars, Drambuie and Bloody Marys a speciality, with sponsors including Grey Goose and Bombay Saphire. (Check web link below). In addition to providing a culinary and liquorary (that’s a word, right?) treat the bucks go to CASPAR, Faith Kitchen, On the Rise, CHAF and Food for Free. It starts at 5:30 and runs til 8:30, with the VIP area – and yes, it’s worth it, there’s a Bloody Mary bar that can’t be beat – going from 6:30 – 9:30.  You want music, too? But of course. There’s the line band The Dirty Water Brass Band that will be weaving its way through the lush landscapes and city streets and DJs scattered about, too. Sidney St., University Park, Lansdowne Quad, Cambridge.