Free Burgers at Kings. Why? Because it’s National Cheesburger Day, Sept. 18

 Today, Thursday Sept. 18 is of course National Cheeseburger Day. The good folks at Kings in Boston’s Back Bay (and Dedham and Lynnfield) would like you to know that from 5-8 today you may get a free cheeseburger. I can’t say this isn’t a food that’s played a part in my life, from the low-scale McDonald’s when I was a kid to the more upscale burgers of adulthood. (Had one yesterday at Boston Burger Company, waiting for the Jack White show to kick off at Fenway.) I can’t say it’s the healthiest of choices, nor can I recommend a daily intake, but it is one of those pleasures that I cannot deny. There’s some great cheeseburger songs (Gang of Four, Dictators and the damn Jimmy Buffett thing) but here’s my favorite, from Commander Cody: “Two Triple Cheese Side Order of Fries.” It is a truly great video, too:

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