AfterFab Mines Beatles post-Beatles; Heart Attack Ack finds the rock in Billy Joel at Johnny D’s April 4

One of these things is not like the other. Yes, perhaps. But let’s present this even-handedly. Two different tribute acts are at Johnny D’s Saturday April 4: At 9, AfterFab, (in photo) featuring songs by the Beatles post-Beatles (solo or collaborative) and at 11 Heart Attack Ack Ack Ack Ack, which features, and you’ve probably guessed this already, songs by Billy Joel. I’d raafterfabher listen to “It Don’t Come Easy” over “Angry Young Man” any day, but that’s me.

But since I’m writing this (power of the press) let’s deal with the post-Beatles stuff first. Now, Beatles tribute bands? We got lots of ‘em, from the Fab Faux to Classic Albums Live, both of which can play virtually the entire catalog note-for-note. But what about the Beatles, post-Beatles? That is, the music of John Lennon (and the Plastic Ono Band), Paul McCartney (and Wings), George Harrison and Ringo Starr?

That’s where AfterFab comes in, a group comprised of former members of  Miranda Warning, Jumprope, Knots & Crosses, Limegreen, and White come in

Founder Ad Boc estimates there are about 3000 Beatles tribute acts stalking the globe.  But, he says, “not a single one plays only the solo stuff, and there’s another 200 great songs there.” John Lennon famously sang “I don’t believe in Beatles” in “God.” But he believed in making music (even if he wasn’t so happy with McCartney doing so. Lennon and Harrison, of course, are no longer with us. You can hear McCartney play live in the stadium, mixing up the Beatles and non-Beatles stuff, and Ringo can be counted upon, I’m sure, for his jovial summer All-Starr Band tour, singing “The No No Song” and “Yellow Submarine.” But you wanna hear lotsa post-Beatles songs in one spot, here’s that spot.

Ad Boc notes that 325 million record sales put the former Beatles, collectively, behind only Presley, Jackson, and themselves as a group, with 70 hits and numerous iconic tracks. AfterFab, Ad Boc promises, brings the classic solo material to life with high energy and high fidelity to the original records, telling the back-stories of the songs as an added dimension of entertainment for hardcore Beatles fans.

Now: Heart Attack Ack Ack Ack Ack Ack. Based in Boston, anchored by professional dueling pianists and lifelong Billy Joel fans, the band’s live shows focus largely on Billy’s more rocking mid-70s to early-80s output and – so they say – have been converting “too cool for school” Billy Joel doubters one by one, while giving lifelong fans a chance to sing along with their favorites at the top of their lungs.

Tix: $12.

17 Holland St., Somerville, 617-776-2004