Johnny Angel: Punk Rock Writer/DirecTV Bus Rider

Go to WBUR’s ARTery site – – and you’ll see a piece I wrote on Johnny Angel’s memoir-cum-novel, “Looking for Lady Dee: A Punk Rock Mystery.” Here’s a fun out-take from that:

Turn on your TV right now and you’ll probably see the ubiquitous ad where Rob Lowe is humorously trying to sell you on DirecTV. He’s on a bus, and the balding, muscular, middle-aged guy in the seat behind him is Johnny Angel. He has no lines. He’s just a passenger.

So, I tossed Angel a softball: What is your favorite TV dish or cable provider?

“Oh, I have no idea,” he says. “I guess the proper answer would be DirecTV, right? Inasmuch as I just got another gigantic check from them today. But I have no opinion on it.”angelramones

But, I ask, shouldn’t you be shilling just a bit?

“Nah,” Angel says, “that’s Rob’s gig not mine. I’m sure Rob has to say that. I don’t. But the payments are wonderful. They’ll pay most every bill from now until October and if I get another batch that’ll pay for the rest of the year and next February I get the big fat cable check.”

(Photo: Johnny’s band Thrills with Ramones.)

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