New Record/Gig: Chandler Travis Explains It All To You (Celebration at The Lizard Lounge Oct. 8)

Chandler Travis – Cape Cod’s hardest man in showbiz – is at it again with his big band, the Chandler Travis Philharmonic. They have a new album and a record release gig, which he is going to tell you about. Why? Because Chandler is a clever bastard, a multi-genre jack of all trades and no one does madcap self-promotion like him. So, when he asked, I said, “Wail away, Chandler!” and he came back with this:

Well, Jim, I so excited to tell you the news, which I will seek to relay as in olden times, using Alternate Idea English, special for you. I’ll definitely be there, at the Lizard Lounge (in the children’s section of Cambridge) Thursday Oct. 8, romping, frolicking, twomping, and doing the Jodsworth, with my special techniques, with, yes, the band-y-est band of all, the Chandler Travis Philharmonic (!!!), only recently pardoned by his governorship for now, conditionally, and gosh, it’s great to be back.

Will there be guests? No way! Not so far. But maybe!

Has this been or has it ever been a record release party of which we have made lately, “Bocce & Bourbon, the Tubescent Pop Saga of Priests & Popovers”, which is only part of the title, but the rest of it really is “Bocce & Bourbon: the Comfortable Songs of Chandler Travis & David Greenberger”, which, don’t ask me, means David Grenboogie of the popular “Duplex Planet” and Men & Volts famous on the lyrical!

Galloping and whinny-ing freely -we all will!

You must be wondering, when was his last party? -and I do! With bells, maybe… At least with special guest, western saxophonist Ken Field, aka Hoot Fieldling, in addition to the entire rest of the Three-O (another Travis Band) Fred and me and Berke  and John, plus, the other parts that only don’t make anything so much not like the same as usual: Sam Wood on drums! Mike Peipman on the trumpet-y horn! The very splendid Viv Chatterton! Dave Harris, blowing away as if no tomorrow depended on her! Spiff Cleanser on Buick! And Fidget o’Connor, with his on purpose little “o” and pack of eels!

Variety? We have them, and they can’t be much relieved I bet!

Of course, as you know, I pretty much have to go, as this is about as close as I get to being employed.

There’s a lot riding on this; I’m under a lot of pressure. Thus, Alternate Idea English.

There’s some businesses like show business, and this is one of them. We’ll be playing the songs we play, and the rest will just have to wait.

But first, a little background about the puppets, which were imported from early South America and painted freely by rioting nuns in the vaginal badge of the pampas. No claptrap was applied, nor pony, in the making of these special creatures, which we will unveil to you at the appointed time, toes akimbo and rendering their native traditions inferno.

I hope we make tons of money!

Jim here: Help Chandler make money. Go see the show and pay $10 (cheap!) at the door. Expect a cavalcade of musicians, whooping it up and offering you the finest in lunatic entertainment.

1667 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 617-547-0757

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