For your HEALTH: At Brighton Music Hall Tuesday. Celestial, soaring noise.

There was a time when I got turned on to new rock ‘n’ roll bands by cool magazines like Creem, Rock Scene, Trouser Press, Circus, Fusion and Crawdaddy. Radio was crap where I was growing up, just top 40 really, and these mags, and the great critics there exposed me to many bands that became the foundation of my rock world. I’ve had a long career in the rock writing biz. Have written for a couple of the aforementioned mags, and spent most of my time at the Boston Globe, 1979-1988 as a freelancer and 1988-2005 on staff. I’m doing this column now and lots more freelance – and hosting the Boston Rock/Talk show on XFINITY on Demand.

But I digress. I still read, lots. Not as much rock mags – what’s there now? – and the websites, I read some of them like Pitchfork and Pop Matters, but I don’t know the specific writers’ work well enough to put faith in ‘em.  And, there’s so many blogs (yes, of course, we’re guilty of contributing to the glut here, I know) and too many by writers that don’t, you know, write so good. I do brings years of doing this to the table and that curiosity about new music  that’s never faded. This is a roundabout way of stating where my latest “discovery” came: The New Yorker. Yes, the New Yorker.

The band is HEALTH and though new to me, they’re not new to the world.  The L.A.-based qhealthuartet formed in 2005 and are on tour behind their latest “Death Magic,” which is a lot more celestial and a lot less noise, but it’s ever-surprising , like a prog-rock ride through a electro-punk rock ethos. Textures, moods, dreamscapes, sharp shocks of sound. They’re at Brighton Music Hall Tuesday Nov. 24. Pictureplane is the opening band and DJ Carbo – music manager Mark Kates’ alter-ego – spins appropriate tracks before and between.  Tickets: $13. Starts at 8.

I58 Brighton Ave., Allston, 617-779-0140

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