Let’s Get the Party Started: All Night Long, New Year’s Eve with Andrew W.K. at the Paradise

andrewwkWanna party like it’s 2002 on New Year’s Eve? Sure you do and who better to show you the way than Andrew W.K. who will be playing the entirety of his 2002’s smash “I Get Wet! at the Paradise. This is something like what I wrote 12 years ago, covering his Boston debut at the same club.

The classic English glam-rock band Slade used to shout out, “Cum on Feel the Noize!” Andrew W. K., a tall, longhaired, somewhat gawky, white-clad, disheveled singer from Detroit, would no doubt second that emotion. W. K. (for Wilkes-Krier) returned for his second Paradise show in a month Thursday night – this time part of a sold-out MTV2- sponsored tour that saw Lostprophets and Apex Theory open up and fall woefully short of what W. K. and his five bandmates (three guitarists! no solos!) accomplished so guilelessly.

Take Slade’s and Gary Glitter’s stomping aggression, the pep and brevity of the Ramones, a party-hard, power-of-positive-thinking attitude, and an insistent roller-rink organ sound. Add it up and you’ll find unswerving dedication to having fun, sans irony. Andrew W. K. is a manic street preacher, someone who’s danced along the Spinal Tap line that separates the clever from the stupid and landed on the former side.

W. K. and company were onstage for about 45 minutes, and there was not a moment of downtime, from the opening “It’s Time to Party” to the midset “Party Til You Puke” to “Party Hard” near the end. Other songs: “We Want Fun” and “Fun Night.” Sensing a theme? (W. K. had the fortune to follow the nu-metal sets of Lost prophets and Apex Theory. Neither of the bass-heavy, by-the-numbers bands stumbles across a melody very often.) W. K. was shameless enough to change “I Love NYC” to “I Love Boston City” and brazen enough to suggest, over the course of a set, that all can be right with this limited little world in which we live. Like Hans and Franz of “Saturday Night Live,” he pumps you up.

Note to the Kraft family and the New England Patriots: W. K.’s hit “It’s Time to Party” – heck, virtually all of W. K.’s songs – has “new sports anthem” written all over it. Be the first team on the block to dig in.

Tix: $33.

967 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 617-562-8800 www.thedise.com

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